Flash media server-Remote Shared object

•二月 10, 2009 • 發表迴響


Now I am using the Remote Shared Object by using flash media server to remember the memo that user create.It can real time update the information and support multi-user.


Amfphp with identify the user or add other function related to user

•二月 10, 2009 • 發表迴響

I have done the amfphp for the simple login , the usage is to identify user which help the next step of recording the user memo.


So later, it is esay for us to add function to connect to database by using amfphp like password, registration etc.



The alert is the id number of user which is different between each user.In database , there are about 10 users.


I also combine the code “community"  with the " memo board “, and everythning is normal now.

overview map 2

•一月 21, 2009 • 發表迴響


The overview map shows the current view of the memo container and then clicking the overview map can control the current view to corresponding position.

overview map

•一月 21, 2009 • 發表迴響


Overview map (lower-left corner)

  • update  size and position
  • the layer order of memos
  • color (text – blue, green – video, pink – photo)


ref. website: http://code.google.com/p/flexlib/

It used DragScrollingCanvas library which is developed by flexlib.

In our project, many memos are added into the DragScrollingCanvas (memo container). When the user is moving the memo, the container is also dragging. I modified the lib. and recognize the target object is memo or container. In order to let the user know which target is moving/dragging. When dragging the container, the cursor will change to a hand.

visualize friend network-community

•一月 20, 2009 • 發表迴響

At this moment :

What have done :

It can create user friend network (dynamic) -base on the information of database

User can zoom in / out of the network  or the layer of friend in the network.

User can change the scale of the board size – to see more detail of friend’s board (limitation of the size -becasue of security).

I think that after tonight , it may add further functions.to be continue…

The report last time

•一月 20, 2009 • 發表迴響

It is the report last time


memo function preview

•一月 10, 2009 • 發表迴響

temp. url: http://sweb.cityu.edu.hk/yingtlam2/20090110/main.html