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I found that a few music player components. Mainly, they can divide into AS, AS+XML, music file management. Base on our project, user will upload the audio file (mp3) and play it. One memo plays one audio. And the music player has some controls. I think mini music player1 is too mini and too simple. It just has play/stop and volume control. Besides AS+XML2 and music manager3 are not suitable for LogField. The player will direct get the url from the database. Creating a new XML file is meaningless and static after retrieving the information from database. Just for music player, music management has a lot function (such as show all the music and arrangement) but i think it is too complicated and unnecessary. On the other hand, ‘s music player is very suitable for our project. It provides two music components which are Simple Flex Music Player1 and Flex Music Player2 . Mainly, these players can divide into audio playback control and Visualization. However, these two players used two different playback programs. Simple Flex Music Player used class from . Flex Music Player used Playr class.

Simple Flex Music Player

  • Play/Pause/Stop
  • Looping
  • Volume control and Mute
  • Getting the information of audio to be the song and album names automatically
  • Show the timeline (just show, cannot modify)
  • After Mute the audio, drag & drog the volume control, it will still show mute, but it is not mute anymore.

Flex Music Player

  • Basic functions of Simple Flex Music Player
  • Drag & drop the time line
  • playlist (previous/next songs)
  • Required user input the song and album names
  • Change the style skin
  • Resize the player
  • One more visualization

Finally, I chose s “Simple Flex Music Player". Class is simple and easlier to modify than Flex Music Player. Now, it can control the play time and amended the bugs of volume control.


1. Simple Flex Music Player

2Flex Music Player

3. Flex MusicPlayer v.2 with MusicVisualizer

Some Researches:

1. Create a Mini Music Player in AS3

2. Flash-XML Music Player in AS2

3. Social Media Player


~ 由 shadow 於 四月 14, 2009.


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