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Create video log panel design


As I mentioned before1, I used a  Flex embedded youtube player2 component. It is workable in local PC. But it uploaded to web server, it doesn’t work. Therefore, i found another flex components for youtube player1-5. These youtube players can play youtube in web server. However, these players are not suitable for our LogFeild. For our project, there are more than one youtube player memos in the same canvas. Even i post two different videos, just only one video can play. These five players have a common attribute which used swfLoader to play youtube. When main application page loaded, players start to load. I tried to unload the swfLoader first, and then play a new video. It still didn’t work.  I found that the original verion player is different from the 5 players. It used the VideoDisplay. Moreover, I found that “Flex embedded youtube player" has one more lastest version3. It is necesary to a proxy or php script to cross domain. It used the curl session to get the information of youtube. 

The previous youtube version will automatically load the video when the memo added in the application. And then it will show the preview(the 1st frame) of video. If there was a few video memos. It may waste the time and resources to load all the videos. It may retard the running time. For reduce the workload for video memo,  I used the Loader and URLRequest to get the thumb image url and relatived information (eg. title,  total time). After clicking the play button, player starts to load. 


1 Youtube memo

2 Flex embedded youtube player

3 Flex embedded youtube player  1.1

4 Flex:Accessing Data

5 Using a PHP Proxy with Flex to talk Cross Domain



1  TubeLoc  

2  Flex Youtube Grabber

3  Google as3youtubelib

4  Flash Youtube AS3

5  Embeded Youtube player with LocalConnetion


~ 由 shadow 於 四月 9, 2009.


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