MemoText Final Ver.



Left-hand side is the log preview and the background attribute at the bottom.

Right-hand side is the content, tags and privacy status.

Preview Function


I used a flex component called “ObjectHandles".1 It allows the resize and movie in both  in both vertical and horizontal directions. When resizing or moving ObjectHandles out of the preview area. The object may be disappeared or out of control. In order to prevent object loss, the object position is limitied. It must remain the corner of log within the preview area.

Because of one of style – speak bubbles, The preview text and preview background are individual. Text can move and reize within the background. When background is resizing , the size and position of text will be limited by the size of background. When backgound is moving, the positon of text will synchronize with background. 


There is a reset button at the right bottom corner. It can reset the size and position of text and background. And then, “RichTextEditor" replaced the “TextArea".  RichTextEditor has more flexible text editing.




~ 由 shadow 於 四月 2, 2009.


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