further function:

  • timeline (helen)
  • drawing(shadow)
  • keyword, tags, search, catagory (helen)
  • interface (shadow)
  • personal info. edit (yan)
  • private/public(shadow)

April testing

Other suggestion from advisors

  • timeline(where and how to set the mechanisms)
  • new update indication (The lasted one on top, lasted 10!)
  • how to jump to another platform of your friends (In fd network: click on it direct)
  • multiple platform for 1 user (give them a switch)
  • public view/private view (switch)
  • visit by friend (fd can rea via/drag along to set but not save)
  • work co-operation (make different comment but group them together

~ 由 shadow 於 二月 27, 2009.


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